​We are your trusted advisor

​We act as a trusted advisor working in partnership to fulfill your business requirements. For example, we will advise a client NOT to make a hire if this is the best solution for you, even if it runs against our own interests. 

Experience from the outset

Unlike many of our competitors, we have no separate ‘research’ function. This means that experienced consultants are involved from the initial meeting to the close and beyond, ensuring the highest quality of service at all times.

Always in contact

We run a “hi-touch”, consistent and totally transparent process to keep you fully up to date with the project. 


Renowned for our tenacity, detail and discretion, Fowler International applies judgement and experience at every stage, ensuring nothing less than success.
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Our approach

We understand our clients​

We appreciate that knowing our clients is as important as knowing the market, understanding where the business has come from, where it is going to, and the people needed to get it there.

We understand the marketplace

The depth of this knowledge allows us to be a powerful advocate for our clients in the marketplace.


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